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Key points of production of straw pellet feed

1.Selection of raw materials

After the harvest of various crops straw or field forage (yellow and green can be), select the no mildew, no melanoma healthy stalks which along the root above the 20cm, to maintain ventilation and smooth gas to prevent heat deterioration.

2.Mechanical crushing

Ordinary straw crusher can be used, if the raw material moisture content is larger, after crushing is mushy, otherwise will be powdery.

3.Add additive and multi-functional biological transforming enzyme

After crushing raw materials, whether it is mushy or powdery, according to different nutritional formula, add the required nutritional or health-based additives (such as garlic, etc.), fully stirred (mechanical or artificial), and then multi-functional biotransformation enzyme Dissolved in water, adding raw materials, and fully stir well.

4.Drying granulating

Put the mixing raw material in to the Straw dry pellet machine,direct drying granulation,then the straw pellet feed is formed. And then stored and packaging.

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