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The use of pellet machine lubricating oil

First refueling is not the more the better: A device has strict rules in the design of its refueling amount,operators should be based on the instructions and daily observed oil, sight glass, etc. to add lubricants.If you add more oil, but play a certain side effects.

Second, not all lubricating oil is suitable for the use of pellet machine:When a pellet machine equipment in the design, the designer based on the mechanism of pellet machine set the pellet machine equipment used lubricating oil, but not all lubricating oil can have the lubrication effect.
In order to make the equipment reasonable lubrication in different environment, within the lubricating oil must be add a certain amount of additives,various kinds of lubricating oil additives are different, and the performance is also different, therefore should be choose the appropriate lubricant according to the situation of equipment and environment,so that can play a good lubrication effect.

Finally, remember not to use the waste oil directly: Pellet machine equipment replacement of waste oil, after the oil quality analysis, take appropriate measures, some can be reused. But there must be careful not to add the waste oil directly, it will increase the damage to the particle machine. For the lubricating oil contain water,can be dehydrated by oil-water separator. For the lubricating oil of the mechanical impurity and oil sludge, etc.,can be removed through the filter.

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