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Particles machine debugging need to pay attention to the problem

In recent years, with the increase of farmers, make particles machine industry rapid development.When using particle machine, are generally himself debugging, it is need to pay attention to some problems.The following article explain all particles machine debugging need to pay attention to the problem.

1.First of all to understand master particles machine feed performance and operating process.

2.Debugging before should examine the running situation of pellet machine specific equipment.

3.Understanding and the particles used tools and hole matching crusher crushing granularity, granularity of raw materials carefully, but unfavorable interloper, suggested that the ideal particle size distribution is as follows:

a、3.35mm above particle size ≤1%;

b、2.0mm above particle size ≤5%;

c、1.0mm particle size above about 20%;

d、0.5mm above particle size of about 30%;

e、Particle size of 0.25mm or less shall not be less than 20%;

f、0.25mm above particle size of about 24% or so.

4. Before debugging to check whether particles machine used in steam pipe system has good functions of decompression and hydrophobic, to ensure that the required when the granulating dry saturated steam conditioning, and can guarantee the pressure reducing valve has 0.058 0.4 MPA steam.

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