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Biomass pellet machine debugging method

Before the commissioning of the biomass pellet machine the first to wash storehouse, clear away the residual of the installation of the stones and welding slag and other debris, and steam pipeline system used to check whether it has good functions of decompression and hydrophobic, to ensure that the required when the granulating dry saturated steam conditioning, and can guarantee the pressure reducing valve has 0.058 0.4 MPA steam.

Before start the biomass pellet machine must adjust the distance between the roller and ring die, generally for the rotating ring die roller turn not turn, do not make the ring die and a tuning roller spacing is too small, lead to direct friction, such not only can accelerate the ring die and roller friction losses, but also reduce the production of unit production.

And run the pellet machine equipment should not make the feed rate of instantaneous maximum, should add a little material, and add a little steam for about 5-10 minutes to make feed feed rate to achieve the ideal value.

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