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Description of Disc Wood Chipper:
This kind of wood chipper is a special wood chipping/crushing equipment for raw wood of 50-250mm (diameter). The diameter of wood sawdust can reach to 2-5mm, which is suitable for further pelletizing or briquetting.

Working Principle of Disc Wood Chipper:
Disc wood chipper is composed of machine body, blades chipping part, hammers re-crushing part, sieving part, etc. It combines both chipping and crushing function in one machine, is able to make sawdust in one passage and there's no need to use wood chipper for preprocessing of wood logs.
Disc wood chipper is using slice and blow to work as double break. The blades chipping part can slice the logs, branches, roots into small pieces firstly and then the hammers re-crushing part will blow these small pieces into nearly powdery material. And the size of final material will depend on aperture of sieve.

Technical Parameters:


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