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 DDDescription of Pellet Machine LGX-550:
The pellet machine LGX-550 made by Yugong Machinery is an efficient centrifugal biomass/wood/crop straw/stalk pellets making machine which absorbs the quintessence of various pellet machine both at home and abroad. The core part of this pellets machine is the ring die which adopts "double-layer" design and the press rollers are made by abrasion-proof alloy steel.
This pellet machine has good performance with characteristics of unique design, rational structure, lower power consumption, high efficiency, long lifetime. Pellet machine LGX-550 is our initiative patent products, which is leading in vertical feeding ring-die pellet machine manufacturing in China.

Application of Pellet Machine LGX-550:
The pellet machine is applied to the biomass material with low adhesiveness and shapless biomass such as the rice husk, sunflower seed husk, peanut shell, palm fiber, trunk, bark, crop straws, rubber, cement ,ash and other chemical materials. The pellet machine is widely used in the feed plant, wood processing, fuel plant, fertilizer plant and chemical plant etc. It is the ideal biomass pellets pressing/shaping equipment with low investment and high profit.

Ring Die and Press Roller
Biomass Pellet Sample

3 Major Differences of Pellet Machine LGX-550:

1. Die upward, special design, feeding vertically, conducive to cooling.
  Die upward, feed raw material vertically and directly into the pelletizing room where is the right place, no need any other
  feeding assistant device. If feeding mouth of ring die pellet mill is placed in side face, it will be very difficult for the light
  weight material goes into the palletizing room, and bring result of uneven feeding even using feeding assistant device.
  And what’s worse is not conducive to pelletizing room cooling which will shorten the lifetime of transmission system
  (gear, bearing). The flat die pellet mill has two kinds of structures, although they can feed vertically, there are still many
   ﹡Rotating mould drives static rollers--with this structure the raw material is easily arched which lead to uneven feeding
   and effect the capacity.

   ﹡Mould plate static, rollers rotating—with this structure can avoid feeding raw material becomes arch. But the
   centrifugal force appears which will swing the raw material in pelletizing room to the periphery, which makes no
   material to press in the center area of mould, and cause the material piles up unevenly in thickness.

2. Mould static, rollers rotating, raw material is distributed centrifugally and evenly around. Using a unique double-layer high mould which has a rebounding –effect, raw material will be naturally and evenly distributed in the ring moulds’ inner surface. While normally ring die pellet mill’s rollers are static, die is rotating, no centrifugal force, the material unevenly distributed. Though flat die pellet mill with rotating roller can generate centrifugal force, but the die hole is placed vertically which is inconsistent with centrifugal force

3. Double-layer die, multi-function, high efficiency.
The mould has upper and lower parts, customers could choose two different kinds of specifications of aperture to produce two different size of pellets. When palletize high adhesion raw materials, customer could use higher rollers to press the two-layer holes at the same time to reach four-fold capacity. No any other flat-die or ring-die pellet mill can reach this capacity. 

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