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 DDDescription of Pellet Machine LGX-900:
The pellet machine LGX-900 is an efficient centrifugal pellets plant which is a new pellet making machine with large capacity(1.5t/h). As the core part, ring die adopts "double-layer die"  and the rollers are made by abrasion-proof alloy steel.
This pellet machine has excellent performance with the features of stylish design, rational structure, less power consumption, high efficiency, long service life. Pellet machineLGX-900 is one of our initiative patent products through meticulous research and development. Yugong brand is the lead of vertical feeding ring-die pellet machine in China, reaching the international advanced level.

Application of Pellet Machine LGX-900:
The pellet machine is applied to the shapless material with low adhesiveness such as the rice husk, sunflower seed husk, peanut shell and other fruit shell branch, trunk, bark, crop straws, rubber, cement ,ash and other chemical materials. The pellet machine can be widely used in the feed plant, wood processing, fuel plant, fertilizer plant and chemical plant etc. It is the ideal pressing shaping equipment with low investment and high profit.

Ring Die and Press Roller
Biomass Pellet Sample

Characteristics of Pellets Machine LGX-900:
• Feeding vertically and directly to pelletizing room.
• Die static, rollers rotating, materials centrifugal, evenly distributed around.
• Double-layer dies, up and down dual use, high capacity and energy saving.
• Ring die, vertical structure, conducive to the pelletizing room cooling.
• Independent output device, ensure formation rate of pellets.
• Independent lubrication system, bring precise & automatic lubrication to bearings.
• Feeding system is equipped with inverter which can bring stepless adjustable feeding speed.

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